Laboratory Tests

Understanding your product's batch number.

Each Forge Creek product is stamped with a 6 digit batch number. The first four digits of the batch number correspond to the products expiration date. The first two numbers being the month and the following two numbers being the year. The last two numbers shown on the batch correspond to a random sequence which is used to tie each product to the independent lab test of the CBD derivative used in production.

An example would be: Batch Number 042000. This means the product will be expired on April of 2020. The following 00 corresponds to the batch of the CBD derivative used in production.

Independent laboratory tests for CBD Distillate. Used in CBD Tinctures and Salves.


 Batch No. XXXX02

 Batch No. XXXX01

Batch No. XXXX00

Independent laboratory tests for CBD Isolate. Used in CBD Bath Bombs.