About Forge Creek Original Hemp Co.

Forge Creek Members, Cody, Dylan, Harlan
Forge Creek Original Hemp Co. is a locally owned and operated company dedicated to bringing Premium Quality Hemp and CBD products to our customers and supporters.
Forge Creek began life as a distantly attainable aspiration by 3 like-minded friends. Not knowing the challenges that lied ahead, we decided to embark on this journey which could potentially change all of our lives for the better.
We began by researching Arkansas's Hemp Pilot Program, which allowed qualified individuals to become licensed within the state to grow and process industrial hemp. After reviewing the qualifications required, we made the decision to apply for the licenses. After weeks of research and many discussions with knowledgeable individuals, including one of our owners, we had a solid plan ready for submission. After about two weeks, which felt more like two years, we were awarded both licenses through the ASPB! This is when the real work began...
We had then come to the realization that this was an actually attainable prospect. We began construction immediately on our infrastructure needed to grow and process industrial hemp into Hemp and CBD derivatives. We spent our days clearing land and constructing our greenhouses, and our nights sharpening our skills within the industry. Not to mention learning how to optimally structure a business. The cannabis industry may be one of the most difficult spaces to operate in, but hey, that's what we signed up for.
Throughout the course of our growth not only as a business entity but as knowledgeable individuals, we have learned what it takes to operate at a professional level in this space. Our wish is to pass what we've learned on to you, by providing the highest quality Hemp and CBD Products to our customers.
Forge Creek Original Hemp Co. is premium quality and our mission is maintaining that title not only in the eyes of our customers but to the industry as a whole.
Thank you all for your support, it means the world to us.
Cody Butler - Dylan Carter - Harlan Graves