Two New Products!!!

We are very excited to introduce TWO new additions to our line of premium quality hemp products.

Up first we have our Broad Spectrum 500mg CBD Salve.

Metal Tin with Red Diamond Label CBD Salve

Salves have been gaining a lot of popularity with avid users of CBD products. Athletes, Seniors, and everyday users all find a lot of benefit in a targeted application of CBD. We're happy to be able to bring our supporters this product and we hope anyone who tries it will find great benefit from it's effects!


Next in line we have our All Natural Hemp Beard Balm.

Round Tin Can Teal Diamond Label All Natural Beard Balm

Being a bearded man commands a certain level of respect from your peers. That respect however comes at a price. That price being having to constantly take care of the epic status symbol growing out of your face. Well we at Forge Creek Hemp would like to help. We are now offering a premium quality beard and mustache balm which contains many ingredients to help you through this daily strife. Our beard balm is guaranteed to nourish your beard and underlying skin which results in a healthy, shapely, and well groomed beard....or mustache!


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