Product Spotlight: 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first in a series of blog posts entitled Product Spotlight. In this blog series, we will be taking a more in-depth look at each product in the Forge Creek Original Hemp Co catalog. We felt as though this would provide a great opportunity for us to introduce our products in a more refined and personal way, with the added benefit of answering some questions you may have regarding each of our products. Whether you’re a dedicated Forge Creek customer or just now hearing about us, by the end of this series we hope you’ll walk away with a better understanding of our products.


Today we’ll be taking a closer look at our most popular product, our 500mg broad spectrum CBD tincture. First, for those who don’t know, broad spectrum refers to the type of CBD used in our tincture. This type of CBD is rich in cannabidiol and contains other cannabinoids such as CBN and CBG. Most importantly, it contains non-detectable levels of THC. If some of these terms are a bit confusing, I suggest pausing and checking out a couple of our earlier blog posts, such as: What exactly is CBD? and The Different Types of CBD: A User's Guide.

Forge Creek Tincture Nature Background

As previously stated, Forge Creek Original Hemp Co’s 500mg broad spectrum CBD tincture contains 500mgs of broad spectrum CBD distillate. Through a rigorous homogenization process, it is combined with MCT oil and our unique flavoring duo of white chocolate and peppermint. Many different CBD companies use a variety of oils, everything from hemp oil to olive oil (I’ve even seen some oil blends contain vegetable or soy oils….yikes…) as a carrier oil for their CBD. While these oils are sufficient, they’re not the best choice. For one, these oils have their own unique flavor profiles. Hemp oil tastes like tree bark, pure and simple. Can you say “yum?!” And as for olive oil, while it may taste delicious drizzled over pasta or bread, there are better choices when it comes to carrier oils, particularly ones without such bold flavors or thick consistencies. In comes our choice of MCT oil. The “MCT” in MCT oil stands for medium-chain triglycerides, a source of fat derived from coconut and palm. It is both smell and taste neutral, all the better for pairing with flavor concentrates, with a consistency close to mineral oil. It is also extremely dense in fat content, making it a perfect carrier for cannabinoids. A one tablespoon serving of MCT oil contains 100 calories and 14 grams of fat. In comparison, hemp oil contains less than 5 grams of fat in a single tablespoon. While a tablespoon of olive oil contains 14 grams of fat per tablespoon, it also contains about twenty more calories. Keeping all of these facts in mind, MCT oil was the obvious choice for our tinctures. It provides all of the benefits of a fat dense carrier oil, without a thick, unappetizing consistency or strong, overpowering flavor. Speaking of flavor…

 Forge Creek Tincture with white chocolate and peppermint

Our tinctures taste incredible! I know, I know...I’m definitely biased when it comes to the subjective properties of our products, but I don’t believe I’m wrong in feeling supremely satisfied with the flavor of our tinctures. When we first began creating this product, we decided to go the traditional route and flavor our tinctures with peppermint. Almost every CBD company under the sun uses some form of mint or peppermint flavoring; however, that’s because they’re masking both the taste of the CBD extract AND their carrier oil. With all of its beneficial properties, MCT oil provided us with yet another opportunity. Without having to worry about covering up the flavor of our carrier oil (MCT is flavorless!) we could create something different and bit more nuanced. In comes our idea for white chocolate peppermint. Through some trial and error, we settled on what we believe is the perfect combination of the two to provide an enjoyable experience each and every time you use our tinctures. Creamy white chocolate on the front end, followed by a cooling rush of crisp peppermint, with just a touch of all natural hemp goodness on the back end to remind you that no, this isn’t candy. But, just because CBD isn’t candy or a treat doesn’t mean it has to taste like tree bark soaked in cooking oil. And really, that was our goal: to create a product that customers would actually look forward to using, not just tolerate.

Forge Creek Tincture on pallet.

Our 500mg broad spectrum CBD tincture is by far our most popular product. It is something that we can be proud of. It is an amalgamation of all of our time, effort, and hard work. From sourcing only the highest quality CBD extract and combining it with our very own combination of carrier oil and flavoring, to each and every label hand-placed on each and every bottle. I hope that this blog post has been both informative and engaging, that I have conveyed our level of commitment to detail and the passion we have for working in the CBD business. Be on the lookout for our next entry in the Product Spotlight blog series here at Forge Creek Original Hemp Co.

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