Greenhouses Incoming

Construction has begun!!!

The greenhouses are starting to take shape! We began this process by clearing land and working dirt. We are the type of people that like to learn and develop new skills as new challenges arise. This was definitely a challenge! After many tedious days of running a box blade and a meadow roller, and not to mention having ton after ton of material hauled in, we're finally starting to see progress.

We began by leveling our extended legs which will give us uniform height and spacing for our hoops. We then assembled the hoops and began putting them into place. Then the fun part came....wood work. I am definitely not a fan of working with wood but it's a good learning experience. After all the wood braces came together, we were ready to apply poly film.
We're one step closer to reaching our goal of being an Arkansas Company growing Arkansas Hemp. 

Cleared Land With Post for Greenhouses in the ground.

Greenhouse Hoops

Greenhouse Hoops with Workbench showing progress.

Greenhouse face showing door frame.Greenhouse Side View With Plastic Installed

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