10 Questions for Forge Creek Hemp

Hey, everyone! I decided it would be fun to throw together a little questionnaire for each of us to answer in order for our customers and anybody browsing our social media to get to know us here at Forge Creek Original Hemp Co.


The business consists of myself (Cody Butler), Dylan Carter, and Harlan Graves. Our answers to each question will correspond to our initials. We had fun doing this and by the end of reading this post I hope you will have had a few laughs and feel a little bit closer to the people behind this company.


Question 1: Are you a dog person or a cat person?

DC: "I like cats. Especially fat cats. Chonkers are where it's at."

HG: "I'm a cat person. House cats, feral cats, bob cats, mountain lions, whatever."

CB: "I'm definitely a cat person. They're so chill and don't require the constant attention that a dog does."


Question 2: What's your favorite food?

DC: "Hmmm...Currently, it's the 5 piece chicken strip meal from Popeyes. And then immediately after I regret it."

HG: "I'm gonna say sushi. Even if it's from a gas station."

CB: "Probably anything Central or South American. I love tacos chorizo or al pastor. Oh, or pupusas!"


Question 3: What's your relationship status? Any kids or plans for children in the future?

DC: "Married and trying. Currently, our cats are our children."

HG: "Single, but working on it. I'd like to have about 2 or 3 children someday."

CB: "Happily taken by my girlfriend of over 4 years. No children at this time and we don't have plans for kids."


Question 4: Where were you born?

DC: "I was born in good old Russellville, Arkansas, in the middle of an ice storm."

HG: "Back of a Trans Am, Lynyrd Skynyrd blaring. No, I was born in Clarksville, Arkansas, at Johnson County Hospital. Wait, can you change Trans Am to an Oldsmobile 442?"

CB: "I was born in Russellville, Arkansas. But only because my aunt was a nurse at the hospital there, so she was able to help deliver me."


Question 5. What sparked your interest in pursuing a career in the hemp industry?

DC: "I've always wanted to own my own business and the cannabis industry is an emerging market. With the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing hemp, it seemed like the right time to jump in. I've wanted to find a way to earn a living without traveling and being away from my family for extended periods of time.

HG: "I was approached by Dylan with the opportunity. I really liked the idea of being a part of a business with my friends and getting to be home instead of having to travel for work."

CB: "I've had an interest in cannabis cultivation since I was a freshman in college. I remember seeing pictures on the internet of different people's grow facilities and I became almost obsessed. I thought to myself that this is something I could definitely see myself doing in the future. Getting to be my own employer, working with friends, and having the opportunity to provide a quality product to people who need it checks all of my boxes."


Question 6: What's your sign?

DC: "I'm an Aries but I don't believe in astrology."

HG: "I don't know what February is."

CB: "I'm a Leo. A total Leo for sure."


Question 7: Top 3 favorite bands or musical artists?

DC: "I'd say Mastodon, Dance Gavin Dance, and System of a Down. System [of a Down] is probably my favorite band of all time."

HG: "Primus, Tool, and Alice in Chains. That'd be a good show."

CB: "Dance Gavin Dance, specifically when Jonny Craig was the lead singer, The Weeknd, and Iron & Wine."


Question 8: Which person(s) in your life inspired you the most or set the most positive example for you?

DC: "It's a culmination of people. My dad taught me the value of hard work and dedication. My mom taught me to be organized and has always been somebody I can turn to during my personal troubles. My grandma taught me how to have faith at an early age. Really, my friends and family in general have always supported me in my ideas, which are many, regardless of their opinions. I've always had a lot of positive reinforcement from those around me."

HG: "I'd have to say my dad. He instilled a lot of good into me. But my whole family and my parents have always been very supportive of my regardless of what I've done. Most of my faith came from my grandparents and going to church with them at a young age."

CB: "My mom, for sure. I may not have always liked her every second of every day but she's always been there for me, even if I couldn't see it at the time. She taught me a lot about what to do, what not to do, and what it means to be a strong person in the face of adversity. Not to say that the rest of my family hasn't been important or beyond valuable to me (shout out to my aunts Anita and Vicky) but my mom is the best mom in the world."


Question 9: What would you describe as your role in the company?

DC: "I feel like my role is to keep the company organized and to also try to project my vision of where [the company] could go, what it could be. That way all parties involved can feed off of that and together we can forge a shared vision of the future."

HG: "I definitely take the lead on construction. I have a strong background in fabrication so basically anything that can be build and used to expand the company, I can be a big part of it. And just contributing ideas to what we can or should be doing."

CB: "Especially early on, I helped get us moving in the right direction. The majority of the infrastructure, like the actual building or engineering that went into it, that was those guys. I was mostly carrying or holding stuff. But I learned a lot and I'm always trying to learn, whether it be from Dylan and Harlan, or from reading online or in books. I think we really provide a balance for the company and us three working together is more of a 3 heads are better than 1 type of situation than it is too many cooks in the kitchen. And now I'm trying my hand at social media. Hopefully I get the hang of it."


Question 10: Netflix or Hulu?

DC: "Netflix. Even though I spend most of my time watching WoW (World of Warcraft) videos on Youtube."

HG: "Why not both?"

CB: "Netflix, for sure. My girlfriend and I spend way too much time curled up on the couch, streaming shows."


And that it! This concludes our "getting to know us" questionnaire. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed participating. 


Until next time...


Chris Kight

This was insanely wholesome. Keep on keepin on, fellas.

Dustin Mize

I really enjoyed reading this questionnaire!

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